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Dog Licensing Information

Licensing Your Dog
All dogs 3 months of age and older according to State law must be licensed immediately. New licenses are sold between December 1 and January 31. Dogs acquired after January 31 must be licensed immediately to avoid penalty fees. Licensing is a requirement of Ohio law. The current dog license attached to your dog’s collar will identify you as the owner should the dog become lost. Anyone finding a dog can call the Sheriff’s Department if our office is closed and get owner information. If your dog is actually impounded by the Animal Shelter and is wearing its license, you will be notified. Dogs not wearing their current license are held only three days for reclamation. Under Ohio Law, each stray must be held for 72 hours prior to adoption. Dogs with current licenses are held for 14 days. During the holding period, every attempt is made to locate the owner of the dog, including a certified letter to the owner of record for dogs with current licenses.

Kennel License
Kennel license can only be purchased from the Darke County Animal Shelter

From Office of the Prosecuting Attorney
“It is my opinion, and you are hereby advised, that to qualify as a kennel owner, the applicant must be breeding dogs for hunting or for sale as a commercial venture with a desire for profit; regardless of the extent of his profit sought or time involved. That is, it may be a part time, but generally must be a continuing or on going venture.”

Where to purchase license
Dog license can be purchased from the Darke County Animal Shelter at 5066 County Home Rd. Greenville or the Darke County Auditors Office at 520 S. Broadway in Greenville.

During the months of December and January there are locations throughout the County, which also sell dog license. They will be posted at a later time.

First, licensing is a requirement of Ohio State law and carries a fine for failure to do so. Second, the license is a lost dog’s ticket home. The license will identify you as the owner if the dog is lost or found running at large by the Animal Shelter. If your dog is lost with it’s license attached, you will be contacted by phone or certified letter to let you know the dog has been impounded and where you can retrieve it. With the license it will be held 14 days, without, it can be sold after 3 days according to State Law. (Fees for redemption are $15.00 the first day the dog is in our custody and $5.00 everyday after for board/feed.


At all times The Ohio Revised Code specifies that all dogs must be either kept confined to your property or be under reasonable control at all times. Letting your dog out of the door, for instance, is not normally considered reasonable control. Walking outside with your dog is.

Anywhere! As mentioned above, your dog must be confined or under reasonable control at all times. The Animal Shelter’s office will be enforcing the law and ticketing offenders who do not properly confine their dog. Be sure to leash your dog as a habit and as a matter of civil practice. You can be held responsible for damages, which your dog causes, to another’s property

As a courtesy to others and to protect your dog, imagine how your neighbors must feel when your dog runs through their garden, messes their yard, knocks over trashcans or bites a child. How about the farmer who has his animals killed or injured by dogs. For the dog’s sake, it is also dangerous for them to run at large. Dogs are no match for vehicles on the roads. Your dogs may have fun digging in trash and garbage, but it can kill. It could accidentally eat a sharp object or purposely eat sharp bones, both of which can puncture intestines. Or the irate neighbor or farmer could kill or injure your pet. All of these things can and do happen in Darke County. It is the fault of the irresponsible dog owner.

Whenever a person suffers a bite by a dog, a report of all facts relating to the incident must be filed as soon as possible, to the Health Department. The dog shall be quarantined not less that 14 days from the date of the bite. No dog shall be released from quarantine until a written proof of health comes from the Health Commissioner (Darke County Health Department 937-547-7361)

Darke County Animal Shelter 547-1645
Greenville Police Department 548-1103
Darke County Sheriff s Dept 548-2020
Darke County Health Department 547-7361

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